If you have rosacea, you know how hard it is to be able to go out in public on days when your rosacea is flaring. You try to hide the redness with makeup or keeping your head down and a nice big-billed hat, but there’s no escaping the harsh reality. In order to deal with this issue, you need to be able to come up with a rosacea treatment solution that works with you, not against you. Far too many people suffer in silence about their rosacea and, in fact, many people who have this skin condition don’t even realize it.

To figure out a treatment for your rosacea you need to take account of when your skin flares up and what the factors are that surround a red day. It’s difficult to keep track of what causes a flare-up because it’s easy to forget that what you had yesterday for dinner may be causing your face to break out today. It’s not like it’s an instant allergic reaction. The veins in your cheeks don’t usually get larger immediately after a trigger.

After you have recorded your food (even if you just take a pic of your food) and drink and other possible situations for a week, you can figure out the sort of triggers that make your skin seem to react. If you know most of the triggers, you are on your way to controlling your rosacea. A good rosacea treatment is one that makes certain you are not sacrificing the pleasures of life just to keep a clear face. It should be a balance. There are rosacea skin care lotions and soaps that are beneficial to the skin and work to help keep your skin clean and soothed with natural ingredients. If you are interested in this sort of product, I encourage you to take a look at RosaceaSkinCare.org and read what others have done for the skin problems.