Here’s an interesting site that has some compelling rosacea pictures that are before and after photos of a patient who was able to reduce her rosacea to such a degree that it is hard to even tell that she ever had it on the after pic:


Rosacea can be a horribly depressing skin condition. The emotional toll this chronic condition can take on a person is hard to measure, but those who have it know how hard a flareup can be. The physical toll is nothing compared to the emotional toll, although the itching and irritation can sometimes be hard to deal with as well.

In order to get rosacea under control, you need to understand that this condition comes from the combination of various factors. When these factors are ripe, your skin will flare. In order to completely erase and prevent rosacea, you need to eliminate these factors.

The first factor to consider when dealing with rosacea is deeper than your skin. Your blood eliminates much of the toxins that build up in your body through urine, but it also expels these toxins through the skin via sweat glands. Think about the last time you had a dish with a lot of onion or garlic. You probably could smell the odor of the garlic in your sweat. Or consider those who suffer from jaundice. This is a condition where the skin turns yellow because the body is unable to eliminate a certain toxin. The yellow pigment appears in the skin. This shows that the skin surface and the blood are very much related. In order to deal with rosacea, you must “cleanse” your blood by avoiding certain foods, but even more important, and in some cases the only vital factor, is liver health. When your liver is clean, your blood is clean and therefore your skin does not suffer from the elimination of toxins and the resulting flareups.

In order to cleanse your liver and keep it in tip-top shape, you need to take advantage of one of the most powerful herbal supplements that is proven to support healthy liver function. This isn’t just theory. This is scientific fact as demonstrated through studies around the world. Yes, there are herbalists who have great claims for whatever herb they are touting, but Milk Thistle has been shown to be beneficial to the liver even among scientists. This is not speculation.

Milk Thistle is an herbal supplement you can find at your local store or pharmacy in the vitamin section. It’s quite cheap and readily available. Begin by taking the recommended dosage, but increase the dosage as desired. There are no ill side effects to Milk Thistle and it’s completely safe. It will help your liver heal so it can cleanse and metabolize toxins and other chemicals much more efficiently so your blood doesn’t have to expel these toxins through the skin – the main trigger of rosacea.

The next factor to consider is your skin’s ability to heal itself. Taking Vitamin C is necessary for healthy skin, but another important supplement is called L-Lysine. The number of rosacea cases that are solved by taking this one dietary supplement is astounding. Though it is not a cure all, it has shown to reduce the severity and frequency of rosacea in many patients. This amino acid works by helping support the skin’s ability to rebuild itself and form a bond of strength against breaking down in the face of extreme conditions – whether it be toxins from within or weather changes from without.

L-Lysine is cheap and can be found at your local store or pharmacy, just as Milk Thistle. It is a cheap supplement and readily available. When you get a bottle of this, grab a bottle of Milk Thistle as well.

Finally, the final factor in defeating rosacea lies in the cleansing of the skin. There are various skin care lotions and acne cleansers out there, but if you have rosacea, you know many of these products only trigger new flareups. The problem lies in the ingredients and the formulation of these products are not necessarily targeted with rosacea sufferers in mind. This is why you should seek to cleanse your skin with an all-natural skin care product. The best product out there that is specifically designed to care for rosacea skin, whether your skin is oily or dry, is called Zenmed. This solution has helped thousands of rosacea sufferers eliminate and reduce their skin’s redness within a few hours of application. The relief is undeniable as the natural ingredints work to soothe and rebuild the skin. To learn more about Zenmed, <a href=””>click here and get a discount</a>.

To summarize, you need to attack your rosacea and stop letting it ruin your life. You can do this through a 3-pronged offensive. This plan includes taking Milk Thistle for your liver and blood health, L-Lysine (and Vitamin C) to promote healthy skin from within, and <a href=””>Zenmed</a&gt; facial cleanser to help relieve and prevent outside elements from causing your rosacea to flare again. I hope this helps you deal with this condition and wish you the best. When you are able to enjoy clear skin again, all I ask is that you spread the word about this 3-pronged attack against rosacea to other rosacea sufferers.

Overcoming Rosacea For Good

September 23, 2009

If you’ve suffered from rosacea any amount of time, you know that it’s hard to ever predict when it will come back. This skin condition is chronic and is said to have no cure, but there are certain things you can do, besides avoiding a long list of foods and drinks. Don’t put up with rosacea and don’t relegate yourself to a life of frustration. I did that for several decades before I discovered a simple 3-part program that totally erased my rosacea and has kept it away for years now.

The first thing to do is begin taking the amino acid L-Lysine. This is a skin support amino acid. Those with rosacea do not produce enough of this amino acid naturally and are advised to add it to their diet. Adding this as a supplement to your diet can make a huge difference. It’s perfectly safe and cheap. You can find it in any vitamin section for a very low price. Begin taking the recommended dosage, about one per day, but go to two per day if you see no results.

Next, liver health is extremely important. You must have a healthy liver in order to have healthy-looking skin and eyes. This is true even if you don’t have rosacea. One friend I have who had acne (no rosacea) took my advice and began using Milk Thistle every day. A month later, her skin was completely clear and she still can’t believe it. Milk Thistle is an amazing herbal supplement and is completely safe. Rosacea sufferers have reaped huge benefits from this. Avoid the harsh liver cleanses if possible and just take Milk Thistle for at least a month before you see results. Continue taking it for as long as you need. It’s completely safe and I can guarantee that your liver and your face will thank you. You can find this in your local super market vitamin section.

Finally, a good all-natural facial cleanser with certain anti-inflammatory herbals will do wonders to tone the redness whenever you have a flareup. Before the Milk Thistle and the L-Lysine begin working, you should definitely be using such a facial cleansing program. There are several products on the market, but the only one that is completely natural and tailored for your individual skin type is Zenmed. To learn more about this all-natural facial cleanser that can erase the redness overnight, please click here.

To summarize, begin taking L-Lysine and Milk Thistle and cleanse your skin with Zenmed and you will see a significant change in your complexion. Best wishes and may your rosacea fade away forever!

To learn more about Zenmed, please click here.

Rosacea is a skin condition that makes the cheeks and nose red and irritable – like a rash. If left untreated, rosacea can become worse and even cause the nose to enlarge and the skin to develop scars that cannot be reversed. In order to care for rosacea, you must first realize that there is no medical cure for the condition. The medical community has no solution to this chronic skin condition, but that doesn’t mean it has no treatment options. Controlling the redness is the main idea and there are various options for this goal.

First, you should consult with your doctor about your skin. A simple consultation will help you conclude whether what you have is really rosacea. Once you know, then you can move on to trying various solutions. Your doctor may prescribe a drug for you or he may give you a list of foods and drinks to avoid. This is all goo advice and you should heed it, but don’t resign yourself to believing that your rosacea will always be there to annoy you forever. Some patients are able to expel rosacea and live free of this skin condition.

Personally, I was able to expel rosacea and make it stay away for good by a certain program that I experimented with. It was somewhat accidental, but I was able to expel rosacea and even clear my face up to the point where others were asking me what I used for such a good complexion. I did this through daily washing with an all-natural rosacea cleanser, taking milk thistle for liver health, and exercising just 5 minutes per day. My skin is completely clear. Even the places where I normally shave and were usually a little pink, which I didn’t mind so much, are completely clear and regular skin tone.

If you’d like to learn more about what I use, please visit Rosacea Skin Care blog.